Deputy Director Health Office at USAID

  • Full Time
  • Lusaka, Zambia
  • 000 USD / Year
  • Salary: 000


Job Description

Statement of Duties to be Performed:

Specific responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

Office Management and Administration

  • Support Office Director in overall management and administration of critical office functions that include: human. resources management; fiscal and budget management; and administration and operations.

Human Resources Management

  • Work with Office Director to review and realign organization chart based on approved positions and/or offer recommendations to address staff shortages.
  • Lead task shifting efforts to empower staff and increase efficiency in the function of Divisions in the Health Office
  • Oversee updating of PDs of twos to ensure they are aligned with current position and emerging roles as office needs, program or funding shifts.
  • Coordinate with the USAID Executive Office (EXO) in reclassification of new or existing positions to ensure staff roles and responsibilities are current.
  • Foster Foreign Service National (FSN) staff empowerment and effectiveness to ensure that training is targeted to specific skills to meet employee annual performance objectives.
  • Identify short- and medium-term technical assistance (TA) to fill critical gaps and work with teams to finalize scopes of work (SOWs) for Office Director approval.
  • Ensure that all documentation is submitted to EXO to advertise/recruit for vacant or new positions.
  • Ensure that supervisory staff in the two Divisions conduct annual performance reviews and that they are submitted on time as per EXO guidance.
  • Mentor FSN staff supervisors in supportive supervision, to enhance staff morale and effectiveness in undertaking their work.
  • Support Office Director in other Human Resources (HR) matters including improvement strategies to enhance staff performance and build cohesive teams and sub teams.

Fiscal and Budget Management

  • Work with the Mission Office of Financial Management (OFM) to lead two Divisions in preparation for Quarterly Financial Reviews, to analyze spending, pipelines and determine/reduce expiring funds.
  • Mentor Division staff in managing and tracking budget, monitoring office pipeline and accruals, and de/reobligating funds prior to expiring.
  • Serve as PM approver in Global Acquisition and Assistance System (GLAAS) for two Divisions, and ensure relevant staff are trained and certified as GLAAS requesters, to expedite assistance and acquisition actions in a timely manner.
  • Ensure coordination with Program Office and OFM in budgeting and planning for the overall health program, including tracking health earmarks.
  • Work with Program Office and the Office of Acquisition and Assistance (OAA) Office to close out health projects from the four Divisions and deobligate/re-obligate funding before expiring.
  • Coordinate with Contracting Officer to support Agreement Officer Representatives/Contract Officer Representatives (AORs/CORs) in designing and planning new procurements and ensuring availability of funds.
  • Ensure that overall budgets are in compliance with USAID’s fiscal policies and forward funding guidelines.
  • Assist in completing other required agency financial reviews, drafting audit responses, Office of the Inspector General (OIG) inquiries, and/or other financial queries for the Health Office.

Administration & Operations

  • Work with Office Director to streamline office systems, procedures, and approvals, such as travel, training, workshops, and procuring routine services.
  • Assist in encouraging use of shared online Agency tools and applications to accelerate approvals and clearances.
  • Assist in planning and executing (bi)annual staff retreats.
  • Ensure logistics to support periodic Implementing Partner and Joint Program and Planning Meetings (JPPM)
  • Support VIP visits including generating/finalizing background documents and briefers with relevant staff.
  • Work with Program Office and the Development Outreach and Communication Specialist (DOC) to generate briefing books and other key materials for VIP visits.
  • Ensure that USAID sites have Control Officers identified and prepared on roles and responsibilities for site visits by the USAID Mission Director, Ambassador/Deputy Chief of Mission (DCM), Congressional Staff or Member (Staffdel or CODEL) visit(s), and other visits as relevant.
  • Provide any other support and leadership, as required to enhance smooth Health Office operations.
  • Provide input into drafting of cables or follow-up products following key events/visits.
  • Establish regular communications through the DOC to increase visibility with the Front Office, Embassy, and USAID/Washington on Health Office successes and results.
  • Serve as an Agency Lead representative for USAID within the overall HPN Leadership Team for Zambia. Ensure deliverables due to the interagency team are met.
  • Serve as acting Health Office Director as needed.

Technical and Management Leadership in Health Population, and Nutrition

  • Mentor, support, and supervise the President’s Malaria Initiative (PMI) and the Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, Child Health and Nutrition (RMNCH+N);and the Infectious Disease/Global Health Security (ID/GHS) Divisions to provide analytical inputs into strategy development, project design elements and evaluations as per Agency guidance
  • Guide the two units based on USAID guidelines and best practices, directly supervising a team lead for RMNCH+N/ID/GHS. and the USAID PMI Resident Advisor
  • Support units in providing technical tools and supportive supervision of Division staff to introduce, design, implement, and document program activities, lessons learned and successes.
  • Lead the two units to ensure activities are on track and producing expected results, or that activities are redirected based on use of data for decision making, as well as by program experiences and exigencies.
  • Provide supervision and mentoring to the two units’ staff, including AOR/CORs and Activity Managers, in accelerating implementation of robust activities across health programs.
  • Set staff annual work objectives; conduct staff performance evaluations; review and revise position descriptions; manage staffing issues and determine staff assignments; approve requests for leave and travel; develop and manage staff training plans; and determine the need for TDY assistance.
  • Collaborate on finalizing the USAID/Zambia [HPN] annual budget request. This includes ensuring that the budget tracking system for USAID/Zambia HPN activities is accurate, complete, and up-to-date. Oversee obligations and sub-obligations for all USAID/Zambia HPN activities. This includes ensuring that obligations tracking systems are accurate, effective, and utilized.
  • Represent USAID in meetings and other events with USG and host country government officials at all levels, ensuring effective collaboration and representation to other donors and continuous engagement with GRZ/MOH counterparts.

Oversee the USAID/Zambia HPN Office reporting processes.

  • Contribute to as relevant and oversee, for USAID, the preparation of the semi-annual and annual Health Office reports; relevant portions of the USAID Zambia Performance Plan and Report (PPR) and Operational Plan (OP); and ad hoc technical reports as needs arise (i.e., report on funding gaps; analysis and interpretation of project data from USAID implementing partners; identification of program gaps, implementation problems; propose strategies, actions to address problems).
  • Assist, coach and mentor USAID HPN program management staff and technical advisors in start-up and implementation requirements of newly awarded USAID grants/contracts, as well as on the budget, reporting and monitoring processes.
  • Provide analysis, expert advice, and recommendations to Health Office Director rand Senior management and staff regarding the formulation of Mission strategies for assistance in health and on the management and implementation of related activities in the Mission’s portfolio; identify short and long-range achievable, sustainable strategies and participate, as required, in the development of Mission strategic plans, results analysis, resource requests, and other strategic planning and reporting documentation.
  • Provide expert technical advice, leadership and strategic direction on HPN and other technical areas on behalf of USAID/Zambia in policy dialogue and planning undertaken in collaboration with Government of the Republic of Zambia (GRZ) authorities and partners, other USG agencies, and development partners.
  • Carry out such other tasks related to Mission health activities as might be assigned.
  • Engage with the Health Office Director and the Deputy Officer Director PEPFAR as a health office front office unit on both technical interface and office management and leadership activities that impact the entire 60+ person office.

Program Monitoring and Reporting

  • Lead development/compilation of Health Office inputs into annual reports to Congress and periodic calls for data for taskers from USAID/Washington, from the two units and others as assigned.
  • Conduct periodic office and site visits with units integrated teams (particularly with the SI Division Managed under the Deputy Office Director for PEPFAR) to assess Implementing Partners’ data quality and performance based on expected results.
  • Oversee the review and documentation of implementing partner performance through regular site visits, routine reports, assessments and evaluations, and participation in technical working groups and other forums to monitor activities and verify asset use; ensure that issues are identified in a timely manner and that recommend followup actions are carried out.
  • Coordinate and analyze data for preparation of portfolio reviews, quarterly reporting, the PPR, and other reporting to USAID/Washington, as required.
  • Coordinate Implementing Partner (IP) meetings with AORs/CORs to ensure that program results and lessons learned are widely disseminated in Zambia and back to USAID/Washington.
  • Monitor program implementation progress, ensure that activities are progressing as scheduled or adjusted to meet changing conditions or priorities.
  • Lead Health Office inputs for preparation of key reporting documents, cables or other materials as requested by the mission, Embassy and USAID/Washington, including writing and reviewing narratives for specific sections of the OP, PPR, semi-annual and annual reports, and other USAID documents. Prepare briefing papers, materials, speeches, and informational and/or analytical reports as required by the US Embassy, USAID/Washington or other stakeholders.
  • Ensure the timely review and approval of IP annual work plans and budgets as well as compliance with approved work plans and budgets.
  • Oversee the review and documentation of IP performance through regular site visits, routine reports, assessments and evaluations, and participation in technical working groups and other forums to monitor activities and verify asset use; ensures that issues are identified in a timely manner and that recommendations for follow-up actions are carried out.
  • Collaborate closely with other USG entities, particularly Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the Department of Defense (DOD), Peace Corps and the US Embassy on Global Health Security issues which are high priority for the US Embassy; other cooperating/development partners, implementing partners, and civil society, in the design and implementation of the USAID/Zambia programs. Must be conversant with and able to explain USAID guidelines to host country counterparts


  • 1. Education: Master’s degree in public health, epidemiology, statistics, research and evaluation, international development or related field is required.
  • 2. Prior Relevant Work Experience: A minimum of ten (10) years of progressively responsible experience working on r public health programming, preferably with experience in Sub-Saharan African work environments; professional knowledge of a broad range of public health issues, including some combination of malaria, maternal and child health, nutrition, family planning/reproductive health and global health security, health systems or HIV/AIDS; and knowledge of major health challenges and opportunities in the region are required. Of these, at least five years of experience managing teams, including three years of experience managing and coordinating programs and developing relationships at high-levels across interagency institutions, or across sectors (both public and non-governmental/private).


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