Lodge Assistant Manager at Zambezi-three Star Lodge

  • Full Time
  • Zambia
  • 00 USD / Year
  • Applications have closed
  • Salary: 00

Zambezi-three Star Lodge


1. Guest Relations: Interacting with guests to ensure their comfort and satisfaction throughout their stay. This could involve handling complaints, assisting with special requests, and ensuring a high level of customer service.

2. Staff Management: Supervising lodge staff, including front desk personnel, housekeeping staff, and maintenance workers. This might involve scheduling, training, and overseeing daily operations to ensure efficiency and adherence to standards.

3. Operations Oversight: Monitoring daily operations to ensure everything runs smoothly. This could involve coordinating with various departments to address issues as they arise and maintaining a safe and welcoming environment for guests and staff.

4. Financial Management: Assisting with budgeting and financial planning for the lodge. This might include monitoring expenses, controlling costs, and maximizing revenue through effective pricing strategies and upselling opportunities.

5. Marketing and Sales: Assisting with marketing efforts to promote the lodge and attract guests. This could involve participating in promotional activities, managing online and offline marketing campaigns, and cultivating relationships with travel agencies and other partners.

6. Administrative Tasks: Handling administrative duties such as maintaining records, preparing reports, and responding to emails and phone calls in a timely manner.

7. Property Maintenance: Overseeing the maintenance and cleanliness of the lodge facilities. This could involve coordinating repairs and renovations, conducting regular inspections, and ensuring compliance with health and safety regulations.

8. Inventory Management: Managing inventory levels for supplies and amenities used throughout the lodge. This might involve ordering supplies, tracking inventory levels, and optimizing inventory turnover to minimize waste and ensure availability when needed.

9. Problem Solving: Addressing any issues or challenges that arise during day-to-day operations. This could include resolving conflicts among staff members, troubleshooting technical problems, or finding creative solutions to guest concerns.

10. Compliance: Ensuring compliance with relevant laws, regulations, and industry standards. This might include maintaining proper licensing and certifications, adhering to health and safety guidelines, and staying informed about changes in regulations that could affect lodge operations.