Petroleum Training Manager at Workforce Staffing Zambia

  • Full Time
  • Lusaka
  • 00 USD / Year
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Workforce Staffing Zambia

Key Responsibilities:

1. Industry-Specific Training Development:
– Design and deliver comprehensive training modules tailored to the petroleum industry, encompassing petroleum exploration, production, refining processes, and retail operations.
– Develop specialized training for service station attendants with a focus on safety, operations, customer service, and emergency response protocols.

2. Operational Compliance Training:
– Ensure all training programs comply with local, national, and international regulations relevant to the petroleum industry, including environmental, health, and safety standards.
– Educate staff on the proper handling and dispensing of petroleum products, emphasizing health, safety, and environmental risk mitigation.

3. Customer Service Excellence:
– Develop training programs to enhance customer interaction and service quality at filling stations.
– Implement strategies to improve the customer experience, including sales techniques, complaint management, and loyalty program promotion.

4. Technical Skills Training:
– Provide technical training on the maintenance and operation of filling station equipment, such as pumps, POS systems, and safety devices.
– Ensure the workforce stays current with the latest technological advancements and best practices in petroleum retail operations.

5. Safety and Emergency Response Training:
– Conduct regular safety audits and emergency drills to prepare employees for incidents such as fire outbreaks or chemical spills.
– Update and maintain emergency response plans, ensuring all employees are well-versed in these protocols.

6. Sustainability and Environmental Awareness:
– Develop programs promoting environmental stewardship among employees, focusing on waste management, resource conservation, and spill prevention.
– Educate staff on new sustainable practices and technologies adopted within the industry.

7. Leadership Development and Succession Planning:
– Implement leadership training programs for potential management candidates within petroleum retail operations.
– Plan and execute succession training to ensure a continuous talent pipeline for critical roles at service stations.

Skills and Qualifications:

-minimum of 5 years experience
– Demonstrated experience in training within the petroleum industry, preferably with direct experience in filling station operations.
– Strong understanding of the technical, safety, and operational aspects of petroleum products and their distribution and retail.
– In-depth knowledge of environmental regulations and safety standards specific to the petroleum sector.
– Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, capable of conveying complex concepts in an accessible manner.
– Proficiency in risk management, emergency response training, and safety audits.
– Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Engineering, Safety Management, Chemistry, or a related field.
– Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint).

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