Supply Chain and Distribution Coordinator at Out-Resource Business Support

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Out-Resource Business Support

Community Markets for Conservation (COMACO) operates at the pivot point of sustainable agriculture, conservation, and community development. Founded to bring economic value from conservation to rural communities, COMACO links crop purchases from small-scale farmers to local and export markets. The organization’s unique model fosters sustainable farming, biodiversity conservation, and community empowerment.

Under the COMACO umbrella, the “It’s Wild!” brand represents a commitment to delivering various food items that are high-quality, sustainably sourced products that showcase ethical production and support for local communities. This brand connects consumers with rich agricultural landscapes, promoting responsible choices that positively impact the environment and rural livelihoods.

The Transport and Sales Administrator at COMACO will play a crucial role in optimizing the company’s transportation and sales processes. As part of a dynamic team, the administrator will contribute to the efficiency of operations, ensuring effective stock management, production planning, and collaboration with key stakeholders. This position is integral to maintaining a smooth supply chain and meeting sales targets.

Position Overview: The Transport and Sales Administrator is responsible for coordinating stock management, production planning, and transportation logistics between factories, distribution outlets, and retail shops. This role involves close collaboration with the supply chain manager, production teams, and sales and marketing manager to align operational activities with business goals, to increase sales.

Duties and Responsibilities:

1. Stock Management:

  • Monitor and manage inventory levels at factories, distribution outlets, and retail shops.
  • Implement effective stock rotation and replenishment strategies.
  • Conduct regular stock audits and reconcile discrepancies.

2. Transportation Management:

  • Identify, evaluate, and manage effective and efficient carriers for both factory to distribution points and distribution points to retail stores.

Explore new transport suppliers to enhance the transportation network.

  • Coordinate with the supply chain manager to optimize transportation routes and modes.
  • Manage budgets for fuel and driver requirements for planned trips.
  • Develop monthly and weekly transportation plans and communicate them to relevant stakeholders.

3. Production Planning:

  • Collaborate with production teams to develop and maintain production plans.
  • Ensure production plans align with demand forecasts and sales targets.
  • Communicate any production delays or issues to relevant stakeholders.

4. Warehouse Stock Management (Lusaka and Ndola):

  • Oversee stock levels and distribution activities in the Lusaka and Ndola warehouses.
  • Implement efficient warehouse organization and layout for optimal stock handling.
  • Ensure accurate record-keeping and stock reconciliation in collaboration with warehouse staff.

5. Collaboration with Supply Chain Manager:

  • Work closely with the supply chain manager to optimize overall supply chain efficiency.
  • Provide input on inventory forecasts and supply chain improvements.
  • Participate in regular supply chain meetings to discuss challenges and solutions.

6. Collaboration with Sales and Marketing Manager:

  • Coordinate with the sales and marketing manager to align stock levels with market demand.
  • Communicate product availability and lead times to the sales team.
  • Support the development of sales and marketing strategies.

Performance Metrics:

  • On-time delivery performance.
  • Inventory accuracy and turnover.
  • Production plan adherence.
  • Carrier performance metrics.
  • Budget adherence and cost-effectiveness.
  • Warehouse-specific metrics, including stock accuracy and distribution efficiency.


  • Record of successful logistics management
  • Demonstrable technical capacity to oversee transport use and GPS tracking data
  • Proficient in standard logistics software
  • Excellent analytical, problem problem-solving skills
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a team but capable of making results-based decisions available to management regardless of consequences to staff members who may be accountable
  • University-level degree in Administration, Logistics or Supply Chain or proven work experience of at 5 years in this profession with proven skills as will be required.
  • Exceptional verbal and written communication skills.

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